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This morning TV’s Johnny Grasso was doing what he does best: not reading and watching TV. The best part of this story it that Johnny caught a new shot in the spot that’s so exciting I can’t believe they released it on TV. It appears as if Rey actually borrows Kylo Ren’s crossbar lightsaber and she’s right next to Snoke’s machine that is apparently central to the plot (I’m playing dumb). I would assume he gets really nervous about Rey’s position in this moment.

I think they might have given up one of the best moments in the film with this shot in a TV spot, which I dig. But it is clearly time to get off the internet if you have a line for this kind of stuff.

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Well, I protected it as far as I could. This is a weird one. I know people are going to be angry if they accidentally see it but it is also likely to be on TV for the next week anyways. I’ve done my best. However, this is the point to step away from social media until you see the film if you can are sensitive to this stuff and I’m telling all my friends this too.