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Rian Johnson’s original cut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was over three hours!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi clocks in at two hours and 30 minutes, making it the longest Star Wars film thus far. Today, during an interview with Collider, Rian Johnson confirmed his original cut was over three hours long.

“We had a long movie from the start. It was well over three hours, the first cut… It’s much better at two and a half [hours] than it was at over three, but it was a cut I had put together, is where we started. And it was over three hours.”

Johnson goes on to discuss that we will be seeing some extensive deleted scenes when The Last Jedi hits Blu-ray!

“A lot of really good stuff came out in the edit. I actually just reviewed the deleted scenes we’re gonna have on the Blu-ray. There’s a bunch of—some of my favorite scenes ended up having to come out just structurally… There’s a lot of really substantial, really good scenes. There’s a couple whole sequences actually that we lifted out. It’s weirdly—and this always happens—it’s like your babies you have to kill. It’s some of my favorite stuff from the movie.”

Collider also asked Johnson if he was going to release an extended cut.

“I’m really not into [releasing an extended cut]. I feel like the cut is what it is because I feel like it’s the best version of the movie, so the ‘director’s cut’ is the movie that’s going out in theaters. All the deleted scenes, no matter how much I love them, they came out for a reason and it’s all for the greater good of the movie itself. You can watch the deleted scenes on their own, I think that’s the way to watch them, but the movie is definitely the best version of the movie I think.”

I 100% agree that there should never be a extended cut of a Star Wars film. The finished cut should be the final one as Johnson says. I am really happy we are getting longer deleted scenes, as I feel the deleted scenes from The Force Awakens were severely lacking. Rogue One didn’t even get deleted scenes on its Blu-ray. Johnson says in the interview that he has to cut some of his favorite moments from the film which makes me want to see those even more. But before the Blu-ray is released, we only have to wait 10 more days till we get to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi for the first time!

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