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THE SITH LIST EPISODE 69 -Naked and Afraid!

Guest Host -Rogue Won podcast host Johnny Grasso

This week on THE SITH LIST Iraj, Carlos (Boo), Les and Eric welcome MSW’s Rogue Won Podcast host Johnny Grasso into the Sith Lair to break down Some Star Wars, Avengers and Justice League news!!

It’s SUNDAY FUNDAY in the SITH LAIR and we have a great time navigating you through a GALAXY FULL OF GEEKDOM!

Your Week in Geek Covered:

  • Box Office – I’m in Love with the Coco
  • The Star Wars Report -2 Weeks away to TLJ
  • Avengers Infinity War trailer breakdown
  • Johnny’s Justice League review
  • Who’s the Horniest comic book character?
  • Can the Disney & Fox sale delay actually help the MCU’s future?
  •  Emails & Voicemails
  • Please check out these two great causes, all proceeds go to amazing charities! 


Jason Ward’s new single “Mom & Dad” 


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See you next week on Episode 70 of…..THE SITH LIST


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