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Star Wars: The Last Jedi surpasses one billion dollars at the box office!

This comes at no surprise to anyone, but today Star Wars: The Last Jedi surpassed one billion dollars at the box office. It is also now the biggest grossing film of the year with Beauty and the Beast following behind. It’s currently the 8th highest domestic grossing film of all time and the 24th worldwide. By the time the film leaves theaters I’d bet we’ll see it close to two billion, but I don’t think any film can touch The Force Awakens‘ $2.06 billion finale.

Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi.

I’m very happy The Last Jedi is doing this well. It’s easily become my favorite Star Wars film, and it only gets better with each viewing of it. It’s funny to me when people call it a flop, that’s obviously not the case and likely never will be with any Star Wars film grossing wise. Go out and enjoy Star Wars: The Last Jedi some more!

Source: Box Office Mojo 

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