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The Last Jedi: Reader Reviews

We asked tweeps what they thought of Episode VIII

Fans give The Last Jedi a ranking of 4+ stars out of 5

Unintentional spoilers ahead…

It’s all over entertainment news. It’s all over regular news…

Some people — gasp — don’t think that The Last Jedi measures up to previous installments of the saga. On the other hand, some think it’s “as good as” The Empire Strikes Back. However, polling results and online scores are as confusing as deciphering Kylo Ren’s current mood.

Cinemascore gave The Last Jedi an “A”. Rotten Tomatoes readers stand at 55% fresh, while critics are at 93%. IMDB users give the film 7.8 stars out of 10.

Judging by Size…

So what’s the bottom line?

D’Allesandro writes:

The biggest reality and telling truth of a film’s popularity is that moviegoers vote with their wallets, and business was continually up day after day for The Last Jedi: Thursday’s $45M previews, Friday’s $59.8M ($104.8M including Thursday previews) and then Saturday’s $64M. There’s a huge want-to-see for this movie, and any kind of sour dialogue on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic stems from cynics or ardent fans battling new fans.

I tend to agree with this, and the continued collection of box office reciepts will tell us much about the overall popularity of the The Last Jedi. And another item I tweeted might also give some clues as to Episode VIII’s legs in current cineplexes.

However, as for the lasting impression of The Last Jedi – only time will tell. Case in point, Mashable posted a story entitled, “Last Jedi haters are nothing new. Plenty of fans hated Empire Strikes Back too.”

That said, and for my review of director Rian Johnson’s epic, I stand by my readers…

A score of 4.2 out of 5 seems correct, based on some of my feelings as I walked out of the theater after my first viewing. Subsequent viewings left me with fewer questions, but anxious to see how Episode IX ties up some loose ends.

However, this whole exercise has finally put me out of the Star Wars ranking game – and a whole bunch of you agree.

In the meantime, I am going to see The Last Jedi again. Who’s coming with?


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