Three Things from Leia: Princess of Alderaan Expected to Appear in The Last Jedi

A Twitter Discussion

As part of Audible’s series of Star Wars chats to prepare for The Last Jedi,  Audible was able to catch up with Star Wars superfans and experts Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and Geek Girl Diva to get their thoughts on Leia: Princess of Alderaan and the stories fans can expect will impact the movie.

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#1: Leia has a personal history with Crait.

@audible_com: Are there any clues in Leia’s experience on #Crait that may shed light on why she sets up a new base there more than 30 years later? Maybe Bail Organa left something there that can help the Resistance? #AudibleStarWars

@JayMewes: It reminded her of home and she felt safe in the vast caverns and tunnels. An old dusty jacket was left behind that had the scent of her father and made her feel safe #AudibleStarWars

@ThatKevinSmith: It was a practical AND sentimental choice. Leia has family history with #Crait. #AudibleStarWars


#2: Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo might be one of Leia’s closest allies.

@audible_com: Amilyn & Leia have been close friends since Leia was 16, before the Galactic Civil War. Has #Holdo been involved with the Rebellion & now the Resistance this whole time?

@JayMewes: Heck yes she’s had Leia’s back since day 1 #AudibleStarWars

@GeekGirlDiva: Given that Amilyn Holdo is a Vice Admiral in the Resistance, I definitely think she’s been involved in one way or another since the events of Leia: Princess of Alderaan. #AudibleStarWars


#3: Leia really does like nice men.

@audible_com: Let’s compare Kier and #HanSolo. They seem to be polar opposites. Is this by design? #AudibleStarWars

@ThatKevinSmith: I have to imagine audiobook author Claudia Gray knew what she was doing when she created Kier to be kinda like a Han So-NO. But Kier would never shoot first. #AudibleStarWars

@JayMewes: She may have been settling when she chose #HanSolo
There was no one left #AudibleStarWars


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