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Good friend Jack Kendall, the host of always informative DSNY Newscast over on YouTube, posted a pretty impressive–albeit (and admittedly) speculative–update over on his thrice-weekly vlog.

Possibilities include…

Galaxy's Edge

Graphic: Jack Kendall

Tonight, Kendall’s most interesting notes included rumors regarding:

  • The opening of “Star Wars Hotel.” Jack says possibly in 2020.
  • The oft-rumored direct entrance into Disney’s Hollywood Studios from the hotel, and…
  • A two-tiered check-in with a “regular” Disney hotel check-in leading to an unusual elevator, which would take guests up into the immersive (and also expensive) two-to-three day stay in an immersive Star Wars environment.

By studying concept art and photos from both coasts, Jack also points out that Walt Disney World seems to be catching up with Disneyland in terms of construction. Both sites are slated for opening in (fall?) 2019, with the Anaheim version slated for an earlier debut during the summer.

Studying Galaxy’s Edge…

Star Wars LandKendall notes that aerial photos (seen in the video) — and the space in Disney’s slated openings in 2020 — make it possible that Orlando’s Galaxy’s Edge could open shortly after Anaheim in 2019, with Star Wars Hotel throwing open its doors the following year (summer 2020?).

Jack, who pumps out content three days a week, made sure to ask me to label all of tonight’s notes as rumor; speculation that he’ll hope to corroborate in the future. However, the relative uncertainty didn’t keep Kendall from admitting his excitement.

“As I started writing the script for the Newscast, I couldn’t believe it’s been six months since the last time I spoke about the hotel,” said Kendall from his home in the UK. “I know they are small rumored details, but it’s awesome to get any details on it [at all]!”

We agree, and between film, TV, and canon offerings, the developments at Disney Parks (and by extension Batuu) will keep Disney and Star Wars fans occupied for the foreseeable future.

“There is going to be a lot of Star Wars/Disney Parks news over the next 18 months,” said Jack. “Names of attractions, ride details, shop details, show details, credit system, milestones for construction–so much good stuff!”

Watch the video

There’s plenty of good stuff in today’s video. So, watch the full report below:

And be sure to keep an eye on DSNY Newscast. Be sure to say, “Hello…” to Jack for me. JB

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