Around the Galaxy: A Medley of Star Wars Media

News & Notes - January 18, 2018

Possible spoilers for The Last Jedi, Star Wars Rebels via some of the provided links…

Music in The Last Jedi

Recently, we’ve seen a few posts on the music of John Williams, but the guys over at New Rockstars have pulled together an actual musical overview of Episode VIII, which helped expand my outlook on the movie:


I’ve posted Erik Voss’ stuff previously (and he’s ducked my interview overtures, dammit), but this is his coolest to date – and New Rockstars have had some fun posts.

So, have a look, and a listen and tell @EAVoss that @jmbishopjr sent ya…

Hello Greedo talks Solo: A Star Wars Story

Employing his very distinct humor and a-matter-of-fact delivery, yesterday, the be-helmed YouTuber reacted to Lucasfilm’s official synopsis of the Han Solo standalone:

I think this is the first time I’ve posted Hello Greedo’s stuff, but I’ve been a viewer for a long, long time. And I was thrilled to see his attitude on the new Star Wars story film seem to shift.

Enjoy it, I did…

Star Wars in China

Hey, what can I say? I appreciate Scott Mendelson’s approach to reporting. It’d be a whole lot easier to fall in line with the rest of the clickbait and write that Star Wars is doomed.

But, alas, he posted:

Love the sarcasm in the piece. And there’s nothing like a little common sense:

“We all knew this was coming,” explained Mendelson. “That includes Disney, which didn’t drown China in Last Jedi marketing and put pressures on domestic theaters in advance of an expected overseas downturn.

“But when you earn $1.3 billion worldwide, you shouldn’t sweat one expectedly underperforming territory.”


Mapping the Galaxy

The folks at Kotaku found this gem and I wanted to pass it along:

Alex Walker wrote:

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If you’ve ever wanted a bit of perspective on the Star Wars universe, here’s the perfect map… It’s an interactive map to every Star Wars planet, allowing you to compare every planet’s size, population, density, rotation and orbital period, and surface water. Each planet is ranked by number as well, so if you search for Bespin, you’ll get a quick breakdown of where it sits in the Star Wars galaxy.

Very, very cool.

Thanks Stephen

This one comes from the desk of Star Wars class act, Stephen Stanton, whose Twitter account is a must-follow for Star Wars fans:

While we’re at it, let’s add:

BTW: Tracy Cannobbio is a Lucasfilm publicist and the most likely source for any upcoming Star Wars Rebels info. So it wouldn’t hurt to follow her, either.

Star Wars Twitter trolls fans of Rebels (on the DL)

I mean, they know they’re just teasing us at this point, no? Where’s the damn info/trailer?

But while you are waiting, read Amy Ratcliffe’s piece here:

I am not looking forward to those tough moments to come in Rebels. JB


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