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Around the Galaxy: Dressing for Success in Star Wars

News & Notes - January 13, 2018

It was a busy Saturday, so forgive the late update. But since I am up and the kids are asleep (for the moment), let’s have a look at the old Star Wars news feed. Happy insomnia!

Dressing a galaxy

The New York Times’ John Ortved recently sat down for a Q & A with Michael Kaplan — costume designer for The Last Jedi.

Ortved asked Kaplan: “How do you dress a Jedi?”

The old movies looked to Japan. The original costume designers looked at a lot of ninja clothes. They looked at westerns. And they looked at W.W. II and a little bit at W.W. I. I went to the same sources they did. I didn’t want to reinvent “Star Wars.” I wanted to embrace it and update it.

Kaplan, who had a hand in designing over a thousand costumes for Episode VIII, said the Praetorian Guards were his favorite from TLJ.

“We looked at 1950s muscle cars,” explained Kaplan to The Times. “The costumes had to be on stuntmen who were fighting very hard. They use weapons and they need to have complete range of motion. And if these guys fall, you don’t want the armor cracking. And the helmets look like they have no way of seeing, but there’s actually tiny slits, and they can see out perfectly well.

“They’re very samurai, very Japanese, but very clean,” he added. “Very “Star Wars.”

Nine things to know…

Following up on two recent stories on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (a.k.a. “Star Wars Land”), I wanted to add the official word on Disney’s upcoming immersive environments in Anaheim and Orlando.

My favorite?

No. 5: A Cantina Will Serve Up Blue Milk – Only one F&B item has been announced for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge so far and that’s the blue milk Luke Skywalker made famous in “Star Wars IV: A New Hope.”

Mmmm. Better than that green stuff, for sure…

The path to the full piece is below:

The Last Jedi: A Success

Screenrant’s Chris Agar took the words out of many mouths with his recent article, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi Was A Box Office Success.”

Agar wrote:

Most projections had the movie pegged for about $200 million in its first three days, but it far surpassed that with $220 million – the second biggest debut in history. To put that number in perspective, Justice League has earned $227.1 million for its entire Stateside run and Logan made $226.2 million… As of this writing, The Last Jedi has earned $576.8 million domestically and has an outside chance of passing The Avengers for fifth place before its run is done.

And, as Agar added, “That’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Read more via the tweet:

Vox says The Last Jedi lost its nerve

My own underlying bias — to the tune of eight viewings — is no doubt evident given my Twitter comments and the number of positive stories I’ve written and posted on the film. However, I will say that I do understand many of the consistent criticisms of TLJ and have publically and privately wrestled with some plot points and positions.

However, one of the outliers on the opinion scale is those who believe that Rian Johnson’s complicated film did not go far enough regarding its war on the status quo.

Case in point: David Roberts in his Vox piece, “The Last Jedi came thrillingly close to upending Star Wars — but lost its nerve: Director Rian Johnson raised questions, but shied from the answers.”

Roberts wrote:

My criticism is different, though, and something I haven’t seen articulated in reviews of the film. In almost every case, I thought Johnson didn’t go far enough. He feints and flirts with deeper, darker themes, but again and again, loses his nerve before the tone and trajectory of the saga are seriously threatened.

There are many who would differ with Robert’s take, but Dave has presented a good read and I think most Star Wars fans will walk away the better for taking it in.

Have at it:

BTW: Before reading Robert’s piece, I had posted a counterpoint to his evisceration of Poe Dameron on Twitter.

Feel free to weigh in:

Finally, some fun…

Most of the time, waiting sucks. A few day’s back, director of the upcoming Han Solo standalone film, Ron Howard, tweeted at fans waiting for a trailer:

However, in the meantime, my man Alex at Star Wars Explained pulled together a heck of a fun video speculating on Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I assume some of you are up fighting with your kid’s night terrors (fun times), and there’s all of you out on the West Coast, so let’s watch this together:

Sleep tight everyone! JB


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