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Around the Galaxy: The Last Jedi is 2017’s Top Global Grosser

Star Wars News & Notes - January 15, 2018

This won’t be a heavy reading day, unless — of course — by some miracle the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer defies convention and hits the airways (despite ABC staffers saying, “No”).

However, there is a bit of factual evidence to counter your officemate’s contention that the film was a flop.

It wasn’t a flop.

Forbes’ Scott Mendelson posted some Star Wars news midday Sunday:

In his post he wrote:

Walt Disney’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi ended its first month of domestic release with a sad/shameful $591 million domestic. The sci-fi sequel earned another $11.25m (-51%) in its fifth weekend to set the stage for a 32-day total of around $595m by tomorrow. If it can get to $600m domestic before Friday, it’ll still be the second-fastest grossing movie between Jurassic World and The Force Awakens.

Mendelson added that TLJ is “looking at a worldwide total of a bit over $1.3b” — $750 million less than TFA — but explained the 35% worldwide drop from Episode 7 is on par with Star Wars previous trilogies’ middle chapters.

In other words, The Last Jedi made a whole lot of money.

Stephen Stanton, known to you and me as Star Wars Rebels “old Obi-Wan Kenobi (among many characters in the Star Wars galaxy), gave needed context:

To Obi-Wan, you listen…

Mr. Stanton, who is VERY vocal and accessible on social media, posted the following:

His take of “Let’s not cheat this new generation of THEIR Star Wars…” hit the nail on the head for this like-minded 42-year-old fan.

I hope it makes a difference for the not-so-like-minded, as well.

Filoni fires it up…

When Dave Filoni tweets, there’s a driving factor. So, it stands to reason that Sunday’s missive can be taken at face value:

Previous hints about the upcoming season’s status have been posted, but this is the first “official” post which portends the fact the end is nigh.

However, the more significant question remains: The wait for Season 4 may soon be over, but to which character’s end might this also refer…

In any case, my response to @dave_filoni had its supporters:

Bruce Lee: Jedi

Fan art by Ameeeeba.

In response to the (above) graphic he saw by Ameeeeba on Deviant Art, YouTuber Patrick Nan produced the following fan edit:

And if that doesn’t get you motivated for the week, you’re a lost cause. JB


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