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Around the Galaxy: Thank the Maker

News from the Star Wars universe - January 9, 2018

Spoilers from any number of Star Wars properties may be present in the following links…


Thank the Maker for Germain Lussier

Looking at the news feeds, and just when you thought you might only find posts about…

  1. Star Wars slow ticket sales in China
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story Lego reveals
  3. A trailer for Solo coming this week (Jason says not this week but soon, BTW)
  4. Jumanji overtaking The Last Jedi
  5. Ewan McGregor open to playing Obi-Wan

iO9’s Germain Lussier comes to the rescue with “13 Things We’d Love to See in a Star Wars Movie.”

Thank the Maker for GL.

Oh, and how about this lede:

Yoda would hate us. Just like Luke Skywalker, we’re never in the present. We’re almost always thinking about the future of Star Wars. It’s a future that’s mysterious—but also, especially with the release of The Last Jedi, more wide open than ever. And while most thinking right now is focused on what we might see in Episode IX, we wanted to go even bigger.

Mr. Lussier did, indeed, go bigger!

XIII things for IX

There are several excellent thoughts in this article (including a call for a visible LGBTQ+ character with “a real role in the saga”), which should definitely get you through the morning’s first TPS report.

Our favorites? Mostly because Germain and I are clearly connected by the Force…

  • A deeper exploration of the criminal underworld
  • More animated characters in live-action
  • A female supervillain

Regarding the last one, this writer has been calling for the return of Lady Lumiya (above) from “Legends,” but short of a light-whip wielding cyborg, Lussier writes of a dastardly woman’s inclusion:

If a story is set in an galaxy filled with damn near infinite numbers of planets and species, it stands to reason that there are inhabitants who are not heteronormative. Yet none of them have been in a Star Wars movie, that we know of. Star Wars needs to fix this, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes the universe more believable.

We agree, wholeheartedly, and would also submit Komari Vosa — Jedi turned Sith apprentice (below) — in case anyone is in need of more inspiration.

Thanks again, Germain.

What Obi-Wan needs…

Going beyond the whole “Ewan McGregor said he’d play Obi-Wan again thing” (and, yes — in my own excitement — I did my own bit of that yesterday), the folks over at The Hollywood Reporter also went beyond the clickbait to ask, “Star Wars: What Does an Obi-Wan Kenobi Film Need?

Much like Mr. Lussier, the group at THR, which includes Ryan Parker, Aaron Couch, Graeme McMillan, went beyond the obvious headline to more deeply explore the possibilities inherent in a Star Wars film.

Here’s one item from each of the authors:


I would love for this movie have a Western feel, along the lines of Logan. I want to see a dirty, gritty, hopeless Tatooine where Kenobi survives as part hopeful peace-keeper, part disenfranchised vigilantly who remains in the shadows. And it would be a good excuse to work Vader back into a film. I would love to see a scene of him training, taking out his anger towards Kenobi on bots and showing his obsession with finding his former friend/master.


The Logan comparison is a great guide post (minus the R-rating). That’s the example that many fans expect and hope it will follow.  But is it a forgone conclusion that this is a Tatooine-based film? I’ve always imagined that Obi-Wan just hung out there for 20 years, but it’s possible he went off-world for an adventure, right? As far as Vader, my instincts tell me he doesn’t need to be in this film, but then again, Rogue One‘s best moments included Vader.


It’d have to be pretty dark, surely; I mean, Kenobi’s in self-imposed exile after all the other Jedi have been killed, and he blames himself for it all. That doesn’t sound like a laughfest. Even though I thought Rogue One was too dark, it’d only make sense for this to be equally as bleak, if not moreso.

Fun stuff, all around. Let’s just hope it becomes official.

Poe & Rey – Has that ship sailed?

Poe Rey Finn

It’s a slow rumble out there in the galaxy, but two short pieces this morning discuss the possibility of a Poe and Rey relationship brewing in advance of Episode IX.

Over at Esquire, Matt Miller writes:

So, it was a big deal when they finally introduced themselves to each other at the end of The Last Jedi. And since it was a long time coming, writer-director Rian Johnson put a lot of meaning into their very brief interaction in the movie. As a Reddit user points out, Rey introduces herself and Poe responds with “I know.” Of course, fans will remember Harrison Ford’s iconic ad-libbed line in The Empire Strikes Back when Leia tells him she loves him and he replies, “I know.” But this also very quickly shows how Rey’s legend is growing in the Star Wars universe.

Then, over at Express, and citing Tumbler user Sleemo (scroll down to see the video), Shaun Kitchener quotes Daisy Ridley:

“It’s wonderful to have relationships that are not romantic… I don’t think you always need a romantic relationship and friend relationships can be romantic in their gestures and intimacy… So hopefully if Poe and Rey get to have scenes together, there will be intimacy – but it doesn’t have to be romantic love.”

Stay tuned Star Wars fans…

No matter how the relationship sways, no doubt there will be some shippers upset with the result… JB


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