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Blue Harvest Episode 133: Communication Breakdown

Hawes and Will tackle Rebels, The Last Jedi, and Solo this week.

  • The trailer for the final episodes of Rebels was released today!
  • Rian Johnson talks about the climactic duel between Luke and Kylo and why he made certain decisions
  • Rian drops the mic on Twitter
  • Rian talks about not including the Knights of Ren in The Last Jedi
  • The synopsis for Solo has been released!

Listener e-mails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Brad has some helpful Star Wars related strategy for PUBG
  • Sam has a question about Snoke and Kylo
  • Alejandro asks us about our favorite Black Series figures
  • Fernando has a Star Wars question and two off-topic questions
  • King Tom wonders about Chewbacca’s rank in the Rebellion
  • Will wants to know what we’d pitch for our Star Wars trilogy

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