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Blue Harvest Episode 134: Go Go Solo Ranger

Hawes and Will record this week with their bellies full of chicken dinner

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story has an interesting title in China
  • The Star Wars show reveals detail on the novelization of The Last Jedi
  • More info on The Last Jedi‘s deleted scenes.
  • Are Star Wars fans in store for a new trailer on Super Bowl Sunday?
  • Will finds an interesting piece of Star Wars merchandise

Listener e-mails and voice messages are discussed

  • Josh calls in about PUBG and the Solo trailer.
  • King Tom wants to know what scenes from The Last Jedi‘s trailers went differently than we expected
  • Kelso wants to know what we would’ve thought if Anakin showed up instead of Yoda
  • Peters wonders if a Star Wars movie could be successful without the typical marketing blitz
  • New listener Nathaniel has some thoughts about Snoke
  • Jake has some theories about Force ghosts
  • Robbo has some thoughts on Chewie’s rank, or lack thereof, in the Rebellion
  • James wants a Thrawn stand-alone movie

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