Due to a scheduling conflict, Mike is joined by “Cantina Cast” host Albert this week. Mike and Albert break down a whole lot of characters from The Last Jedi. This week it’s Finn, Rose, and Phasma; they also speculate on Snoke having more than Kylo Ren as an apprentice.

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Solo film images leaked?
  • Mark Hamill regrets publically voicing his concerns about The Last Jedi
  • Box office numbers update
  • Rose mini-character dissection
  • Finn and Rose’s relationship
  • Finn mini-character dissection
  • How has Finn grown as a character since The Force Awakens
  • Finn’s Hero’s Journey
  • Finn and Phasma’s fight
  • Phasma’s lack of character in The Last Jedi
  • Is Phasma the new Boba Fett or Darth Maul of the sequel trilogy?
  • Snoke’s other apprentices?
  • The rule of two was destroyed
  • Were the Praetorian guards apprentices of Snoke?
  • Were the Praetorian guards the Knights of Ren?
  • Are the Knights of Ren apprentices of Snoke as well?
  • Will Snoke’s other apprentice become Kylo’s apprentice?
  • Will Kylo have an apprentice?

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