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John Williams seems happy and determined to complete the music for Star Wars: Episode IX

John Williams never really seemed like he wanted to escape his Star Wars fame. It is not his opinion of the past that makes anyone fear he won’t return to Star Wars. For Williams the only thing stopping him from making Star Wars music forever is his age and that no one lives forever. But the composer seems determined to not let that stop him from making impactful music today. It doesn’t appear that Williams is going to slow down and he’s determined to finish this new Star Wars trilogy that J.J. Abrams is wrapping up. As a Star Wars fan that’s exactly what I like to hear.

Williams on Star Wars: Episode IX according to Variety:

 “I would very much like to complete that,” he says.

The piece on the composer also acknowledges the recent news that John Williams will write the main theme for the new Solo: A Star Wars Story film hitting in May. Strangely, Han Solo doesn’t have a theme all to himself in the Skywalker Saga films. Those leitmotifs are reserved for his ship and later he and his main squeeze Princess Leia:

Williams is writing the theme for “Solo,” the next standalone “Star Wars” slated for release May 25. John Powell, who is scoring the film, will incorporate Williams’ theme into his music.

Williams says he has no interest in retiring, which is the best news of all time. Every time John Williams composes a new theme for Star Wars, I feel like we’re so lucky because so much of the Star Wars magic is Williams and he’s one of a kind. It sounds like we’re going to have Williams working on Star Wars for as long as he can:

“I don’t think you can retire from writing,” he says. “I feel very lucky, and the work that I do doesn’t depend on much. If your vision’s still good, and your hands — I have no arthritis in my hands and I play the piano very easily — I don’t think there’s any reason to deprive oneself of the fun of working. Music is so rewarding.”

For the hardcore music fans, it seems like if Rian Johnson and Williams have their way, an isolated soundtrack could be on the horizon. However, there are no indications this is coming on the The Last Jedi 4K/Blu-ray releases in March.

Johnson was so delighted with the results that, Williams says, he would eventually like to release a version of the film “without the dialogue and effects, just the music played in the foreground. All of the accompanimental music will be brought forward — every gesture, the music traveling along with the moods and textures, references to characters and so on.”

A long time ago, when Rick McCallum was a prominent voice at Lucasfilm, in interviews he would often talk about Lucas’ desire to release a supercut of his six-film Star Wars saga that was effectively a silent film. All that came of that was a bonus disc on the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack that cut various footage to the music from the saga’s big beats. It would be cool to see something like that come about in the future but that dream seems far dead. That said, I would happily watch any of the Star Wars films, especially The Last Jedi, with an isolated score.

Check out the full article at Variety for the details of Williams’ interview with them and his impressive number of awards nominations.

(Variety via Bobby Roberts on Twitter)

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