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The Last Jedi: Hot Takes from a 10th Viewing

Around the Galaxy: January 28, 2018

Definite spoilers for The Last Jedi ahead…

The Last Jedi
Hollywood’s El Capitan theater features Rey and The Last Jedi on its marquee.

So, my oldest and I hit the movies last night and, again, enjoyed The Last Jedi. Given my love for the franchise, I always attempt to run to the cineplex multiple times, but 10 is my cap (probably). That said, I generally find something new to mull over after each viewing.

Yesterday was no different:

The above thread includes random thoughts about the film, and it generated plenty of discussion via Twitter.

Have a read and jump right in!

Variety ranks the Saga

Speaking of my kids, my statement on ranking Star Wars films remains, “I don’t…”

Many misunderstand my dedication to hitting the theater for multiple viewings to be a ringing endorsement. Not so. I saw Revenge of the Sith only one or two times before I realized that ugly crying through the Jedi purge didn’t do much for people’s thoughts on my sanity. Meanwhile, I have seen Rogue One nine times in-theater and The Last Jedi ten.

I watch pieces of Rogue One every-other-day, and will admit that The Last Jedi might be too thick for me to watch that consistently (and, similar, to the Empire Strikes Back I might watch the lightsaber scenes more often than the remainder of the film).

My ringing endorsement remains with the Saga itself, and not with any particular part. I will, as you will/have seen, given star scores to individual components, however. The Last Jedi remains at a 4.5/5, losing a half a star for some clunky dialogue, misplaced humor, and the mutiny. But I digress.

The folks over at Variety ranked the films and had me intrigued. The most interesting rank? The Clone Wars animated movie over any of the Prequel Trilogy.

Now, while unwilling to rank the films myself, I want to know how you’d rate them. Reply to the above tweet and let me know what you think!

Do you think they serve blue milk?

One of my favorite Star Wars notes of the past few years remains the fact that Gareth Edwards — 10 years before directing Rogue One — traveled to locations George Lucas used to film A New Hope. That fact made his appearance in The Last Jedi that much more fun.

Today, added to the narrative, and posted the following:

At this point, I am satisfied with my trips to Disney World and Disneyland. Thankfully, others are a bit more driven.

A smarter First Order?

In the past, I’ve wondered aloud how real soldiers perceived war through a Star Wars lens. Today, wired pushed that idea to a new level:

@pptsapper, an officer in the Army National Guard, wrote:

Rather than making massive sacrifices to blow up one big ship, the real strength of the Resistance rests in its ability to survive. The presumed heroics of individuals like Poe and Finn make it hard for them to do even that… In many ways, the Resistance shares that trait with real-world rebellions throughout history. Most are worn down through the sheer lack of resources and through attrition; a decisive battle becomes their best way to make a grand statement.

I love this stuff, and so will you…

Did Han believe Chewie?

Over at Star Wars Explained, Alex Damon’s Weekly Q & A started off with a pretty good question, precisely, “Did Han Solo believe Chewbacca?” as it pertained to Chewie’s exposure to the Jedi before their partnership.

Alex posted:

As always, thanks, Alex.

Best birthday card ever…

Not much explanation needed:

Thanks to everyone for reading… That, my friends, is a true gift. JB


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