Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes (

Leave it to DSNY Newscast to get these fingers a-flying along the keyboard on a Thursday night.


Jack Kendall, the host of the Newscast, had plenty to say about “Star Wars Land” at Walt Disney World and a recent permit filing.

What do they eat on Batuu?

“This permit is for the installation of ‘food service show elements,'” he explained, adding, “it’s a real sign of just how fast Walt Disney World are moving to catch up with Disneyland for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge in 2019.”

For those of us who are unfamiliar with Florida’s building codes (etc.) Jack translated it all into basic.

“Obviously permits don’t give any descriptions or details,” said Kendall. “But this is where the most recent satellite images from Mapping Company NearMap comes in, as we can see that there is only one of the two restaurant buildings which have been nearly constructed, with the site opposite being confirmed previously by Disney as the location of the Cantina within Galaxy’s Edge.

“[This] means that the table service dining experience within Galaxy’s Edge will actually be the Cantina,” added Kendall. “And we already know that Captain REX will be a DJ within the Cantina, and it’s assumed that there will be a live performance space as well.”

Biths in Galaxy’s Edge (Please?)

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Disney Parks)

Does this mean that we’ll see Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes in Batuu for their 40th-anniversary reunion tour?

Oh [sigh] from this page to the Maker’s auditory inputs…

Star Tours grounded?

On the flip side, Jack was less optimistic about the prospects for Star Tours, once Galaxy’s Edge is entirely online.

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According to DSNY Newscast, and contrary to rumor, there will be no entrance constructed from Star Tours to Galaxy’s Edge. That could indicate the popular attraction could go the way of Ben Kenobi soon after the doors to “Star Wars Land” open in Florida.

Watch the rest of the DSNY Newscast for more on Galaxy’s Edge, its new entrances, the land’s immersive nature, patents on interactive merchandise, and finally, lightsabers.

Yes, I said, “Lightsabers.”