Join Andrea, Mark, Jared, and Tim for this special 2 year anniversary episode where we discuss the latest news, to include:

  • John Williams and Episode IX
  • The Last Jedi Release Date
  • The Last Jedi on 4K?
  • Star Wars Rebels Episode Descriptions

Plus, after this is all done, we have a special edition of Star Wars Wars (Attack of the Clones Edition) brought to you by our very own Andrea and Mark.  Thank you for listening!

If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see (or rather, hear) from us for our upcoming 100th episode, contact us and tell us!  Want celebrity interviews, special podcasting guests, games, movie commentary, or anything at all else?  Let us know!  Tweet us @Podcast2187,  email us, or call or text us at 346-800-2187!

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