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Resistance or First Order: Which Side of Galaxy’s Edge Will You Choose?

DSNY Newscast reports new and rumored details on Star Wars Land

Possible spoilers for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge ahead…

An Update from Batuu (via the UK)

Galaxy's Edge
Entrance to Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland – January 2018 (photo: John Bishop)

Sitting here in 30-degree weather of New England, newly returned from the warm climate in Disneyland, any post from DSNY Newscast is a welcome respite. Throw in some more cool details from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and I am halfway to the airport, ready for another stint in the sun.

But alas, that trip is at least 18-months out, so here I am at the keyboard staring into a cold night in Central Massachusetts.

No matter. Thank goodness for any news out of sunny… England?

New details from the edge of the galaxy….

Tonight, Jack Kendall, the host, and proprietor of DSNY Newscast, posted new details (and speculation) from Batuu. The update gave us new insight as to what we might expect when we make planetfall in 2019.

“When Disney announced that they were bringing a Star Wars Land to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, fans realized that their dream of becoming a Jedi master had just become a little bit closer to reality,” explained Kendall in tonight’s post from the UK. “But where does this leave fans who choose the Dark Side over the Light.

“Batuu, which is the planet that Galaxy’s Edge is meant to be set… [became] a safe haven for Resistance fighters, but the First Order arrived and are beginning to search for Rebel Scum.”

I say, “Oooooh.” You say, “Ahhhhh.”

But there’s more on Disney and Lucasfilm’s new immersive environments in Florida and California.

Choose your side, and your spot

Galaxy's Edge
Near the future entrance of Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios – July 2017 (photo John Bishop)

Jack reports that there seems to be territory to explore and that neither faction has complete control of the new planet, seen recently on flights of Star Tours.

“The Resistance will be most prominent within the land, with [areas] being mainly focused on the Resistance with the inclusion of X-wing Fighters,” said Kendall. “Then there will also be some neutral areas such as the Cantina and the Merchant’s Row. [They] will feature many different types of market stalls, which will feel
somewhat similar to the market vibe in Marrakesh.”

But those folks looking to join the ranks of the reborn Empire may have their chance, as well.

“[The First Order own] a distinct presence in the section called the Docking Bay,” added Jack. “And it seems that Disney has decided to include a Tie-Fighter in this area.”

Check out the gif below:

Galaxy's Edge
GIF courtesy DSNY Newscast

First Order Stunt Show

Meanwhile, fans of the Saga will witness some action, too.

Kendall explained:

It’s being rumored that this area will include a First Order performance space that will apparently be some kind of First Order Stunt Show. Now, this doesn’t mean it will be anything like ‘Indiana Jones Stunt Show,’ as it will be more along the lines of the Jedi Training Academy with a standing audience setup, but the show will feature a more elaborate storyline and effects within the show space.

Finally, DSNY Newscast also has possible details on the shared (and unshared) layouts of the spaces in Disneyland and Walt Disney World (see below), as well as some thoughts on how the rollout might take shape.

GIF courtesy DSNY Newscast.

Be sure to watch the entire show below:

Thanks to everyone who is reading and following links. Let Jack know MSW sent ya! JB


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