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Small clip of Rey and Luke from Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s deleted scenes!

During today’s Star Wars Show, Rian Johnson discussed The Last Jedi novelization where he revealed a tiny bit of a deleted scene. This scene features Rey when she crashes a party under the impression that people are in danger, as Luke had told her. When she gets there she realizes no one’s in danger and that Luke lied to her.

I’ve been really excited to see these deleted scenes, especially this one with Luke and Rey. SlashFilm had reported on this scene a while back, claiming it is Rey’s third lesson from Luke. The rumored release date for The Last Jedi 4K Blu-ray is still targeted as March 27th. Regarding the novel, Rian confirmed that a lot of new material will be added to it that wasn’t in the film. I’m definitely going to be picking up the novel!

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