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Star Wars Rebels episode descriptions tease a return to Lothal’s Jedi Temple

A couple weeks back our buddy Florian discovered some new Star Wars Rebels episode descriptions. As always, he’s come through again with a few more. These descriptions reveal that we’ll be going back to the Jedi Temple on Lothal:

Wolves and a Door (Airs March 10th, 2017)
Ezra and the Ghost crew learn the Empire has plans for the Jedi Temple on Lothal.

A World Between Worlds (Airs March 17th, 2017)
While the other rebels engage the Imperial forces outside the Jedi temple, Ezra gains access inside and experiences a revelation.

It looks like Ezra is going to be going on his own for a bit. I do wonder if Ahsoka’s inclusion on the show will take place in “A World Between Words”. Seems like seeing Ahsoka would be quite the revelation. I wouldn’t take the air dates as fact as Lucasfilm’s Tracy Cannobbio has debunked the rumored February 24th return date for the show. More information on Star Wars Rebels will be released officially within the week.

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