Star Wars RebelsI understand why many folks are not looking forward to tonight’s Star Wars Rebels twin-bill.

Not me. I am excited to see how Executive Producer Dave Filoni lands this thing — he really didn’t get a chance to finish The Clone Wars properly, and these characters deserve a proper send off.

By all accounts, that’s exactly what is coming this evening.

The End Begins…. Don’t Be Busy

“These first two episodes of the second half of season four are not to be missed,” said Johnamarie Macias, fresh off a stint hosting Star Wars Rebels recent Lucasfilm Screening Q & A. Postpone whatever appointments you have, call out sick, or log off social media altogether because ‘Jedi Night’ and ‘DUME’ are part of an intense roller coaster ride.”

Done, done and, um, Dume.

No more waiting

We’re scant hours away from on-screen events, which could change the way we understand how the Saga fits together. And, by the way, we have several more kicks at that can.

“I think most fans are going to be left craving for next Monday to come around faster,” added Johnamarie, whom you know from “This is some of the best storytelling that’s going on in the Star Wars universe.

“I think fans should be extremely excited for what’s to come.”

Ms. Macias should know, of course:

The kudos for her work on and off stage poured in over this weekend. Sincere congratulations to Johnamarie and everyone at

Building up the hype

Although I haven’t been able to fully digest all of it, I truly enjoyed the mostly-positive hype leading into tonight’s double episode mid-season premiere. So, here’s what amounts to a running list of materials you may or may not have missed in the run-up:

Familiar voices…

Some reading from…

From around the Holonet….

And while you’re at it, here’s the entire MSW Star Wars Rebels catalog:

Strap in. Tonight’s episodes could provide quite a ride!

I know the work is in the books, but good luck and congrats to Filoni and the entire Star Wars Rebels crew for their hard work over the past four seasons. JB

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