Big Game Video: 16-bit Throne Room Battle, Canon Updates, Easter Eggs & More

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - February 4, 2018

The links ahead contain spoilers for The Last Jedi and other Star Wars fare…

Big Game Video: 16-bit Throne Room Battle, Canon Updates, Easter Eggs & More

Garbage Time

Okay, so I know that for many of you “Super Bowl Sunday” is simply Sunday; that watching the Patriots and the Eagles “battle on the gridiron” or any “sports ball” that doesn’t take place in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (as seen above) is not your cup of blue milk.

I hear you. Ever since I left the Boston Bruins, even the biggest of games are a little lacking to me.

However, fear not!

My “copious” research (and a little luck) should occupy many of the minutes before the rumored debut of – at least a portion — of the trailer to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I mean, you could always watch the below a couple of times each…

16-Bits & Easter Eggs

Mr. Sunday Movies sets up our first one: “Remember Snoke’s throne room scene from Star Wars The last Jedi? Well this is that but in a 16-Bit Scene! The animation was done by with music by Well worth checking out both of these guys.”

Agreed, and add Mr. Sunday Movies to that list as well. Enjoy:

Flicks And The City

Next up, are two vids from @Jan_Gilbert and @FlicksCity:

I’ve recently discovered Jan’s work and she’s got a ton of great Star Wars content! Check out Flicks and the City.

Alex explains it all…

I’ve been watching Alex Damon’s work for a while, and he’s got something new on his channel almost every day. Here are just two of his most recent videos.

Thank the Maker for Alex. Otherwise, I really would have no idea what is going on.

The Outer Rim: Star Wars Theory

Speaking of everyday updates, my man at Star Wars Theory goes deep into the whammy bin (sometimes with some voice acting) at times, but that’s what makes his channel so entertaining.

Now, I don’t always agree with his videos — which tend not to put The Last Jedi in high esteem — but it’s a big galaxy – there’s room for differing opinions.

Here’s a taste:

New Rockstars

Anyone who frequents this space knows how much I love New Rockstars, and I have posted quite a few of their videos in my Around the Galaxy roundups. Here are two more that didn’t make it into those articles (including panel discussion that includes our friend Maude Garrett):

Han Solo Comedy

No need to explain:

Harrison Ford: “I finally wore them down…” BTW: I wonder if Ford knows — at the time this video was shot — whether the Solo standalone is coming? Would explain the long pause, no?

I hope this helped, and I hope we are all talking about something special, soon. JB


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