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Check out Chewbacca on the Alexa 65 camera used for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Our friend David Strutt had a chance to check out the camera used for Solo: A Star Wars Story at the BSC Expo in London. As you can see, the Alexa 65 has a pretty cool custom Chewbacca decal applied to the to the side exterior of the camera. This camera was used by cinematographer Bradford Young ASC with prime DNA lenses and was the main unit B-camera according to the signage.

I believe this is the same type of 6K digital camera used for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I don’t find the look of Rogue One to be strange or anything so it isn’t exactly something to scrutinize too heavily. I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars using digital technology and being a part of what George Lucas envisioned (although I think if he was still making these films they would probably be shooting on way cheaper digital cameras, as for Star Wars: Underworld they wanted to put really expensive lenses on DSLR cameras to make the show affordable).

Also as a blast from the past, here’s a photo of the film camera used for The Force Awakens: 

Hopefully sometime today we get our first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story during the Super Bowl and you can use this article to sound like you’re an expert filmmaker with your hand on the cutting edge of filmmaking technology to all your drunk friends with their faces painted.

Thanks to David Strutt for sharing his photos with us!

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