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Idiot’s Array: Episode 61 – Luke Skywalker’s Perfection and Shame

In this episode we explore the idea that the pursuit of perfection is actually unattainable and can lead to feelings of shame.

Was Luke a perfectionist? How did seeking perfection actually lead to his feelings of shame and isolation on Ahch-To?

Did Luke expect perfection from himself and how did this affect his relationship with Ben Solo?

Would Han Solo actually have been a better mentor for Ben Solo?

How did the Jedi projection of perfection affect Luke’s perception of the Order, and did that pursuit of perfection actually contribute to the Jedi downfall?

We begin the episode with a comics update. Also, Alan forgets he was on our previous episode, Mark remembers fondly his favorite hammer, and Ryder does NOT talk about his favorite TV shows. All of this and much, much more on this episode of Idiot’s Array. We would be honored if you would join us!

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