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UPDATE: What I’ve heard about the Solo: A Star Wars teaser trailer

Rumors have been flying about the Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser. Ultimately, I don’t feel it matters where it pops up first. Most likely the teaser will be posted up on The Official Star Wars YouTube account simultaneously as it airs, as it always ends up that way (sometimes even a little earlier). So you can watch sports or not watch sports–it doesn’t really affect your ability to see young Han Solo on his first stand-alone film adventure.

So here’s the important part of the rumors I heard with the details sources said it was okay to share:

When it comes to Solo: A Star Wars Story, a shorter version of the teaser will hit on the Super Bowl and a longer version of the teaser will follow shortly thereafter during the following week.

I’m being flooded with e-mails, DMs and general questions about the teaser and why things are happening so late. I think the answer is really obvious. We just had a Star Wars film with The Last Jedi and that’s making the marketing rollout for this film a little different in terms of the timeline. If the film is good or not good is irrelevant; that’s why the timeline is weird. There’s nothing to extrapolate from that in terms of the quality of the movie. So don’t worry– the sky is not falling and if it is this isn’t an indication of such either way.

Why are the powers that be doing it this way? I don’t know. I assume Super Bowl ad time is expensive and the edit is catering to that price point, but that’s an assumption on my part. There are others probably more skilled at analyzing that side of things than me.

Please treat that as a rumor but a credible rumor. I don’t want anyone to feel “promised” anything. Sometimes these marketing plans shift and change. But as of now, I believe this information to be correct. I’ve also heard good things about the teaser trailer, so it is okay to be excited.  We should be excited from what people are saying about the film behind the scenes. I can’t wait. There are things coming in this film that are handled so well and it is all so fun, I’m completely all in on the concept.

We’re almost there! I look forward to analyzing every detail of this teaser with you guys in the coming week!


Update 2: Interesting tweet from Ron Howard:

Update: This GMA Live Studio Taping seems to confirm the longer trailer portion of this post:

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