Portman on SNL: Say something about the mother f**king prequels, bitch!

Natalie Portman hosted Saturday Night Live last night and did another rap song on the show. The first rap song was a viral hit and is well remembered. So logically they wrote a sequel to the first rap and included all of Portman’s life updates from the last 12 years. Skip down and watch the video if you want to see it with no explanation.

The Star Wars bit

The follow up rap song has the interviewer asking Portman if she’s seen the new Star Wars. The interviewer then begins to insinuate that the new ones are much better than the prequels. Portman then angrily appears in a Halloween-quality Queen Amidala costume from The Phantom Menace and rips on the prequel hater. 

Check out the video (the Star Wars moment is at about 1:30 in):

(SNL YouTube)


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