Rian Johnson Q&A with Duncan Jones for Netflix’s Mute

Rian Johnson administered the Q&A for the Duncan Jones film Mute last night at The Grove in Los Angeles. I suggest checking out the movie before watching the Q&A as they discuss some of the bigger moments of the film. The film is streaming on Netflix now so you really don’t have an excuse if you want to see the movie to not see the movie. I liked it. It was sort of a dystopian Willam Gibson kind of future where an Amish man goes on a film noir-styled journey.

The discussion about Star Wars is sort of regulated to how studios are making films today and why Netflix is the best option for a film like Mute. Studios used to make more indie-budgeted science fiction films but have since moved on to franchises and sequels (which jokingly made Rian Johnson slump down in his seat). The interview is pretty good and the movie is a pretty good Netflix watch for sure.

The microphone in the theater had a lot of reverb on it and I was close so it shows in the video’s audio; sorry that was out of my control but it is fairly listenable still. Either way, it was cool to see two directors I enjoy having a discussion about Mute.

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