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THE SITH LIST EPISODE 80 - EW Solo Issue, Black Panther Preview, and is Black Mirror Talk

This week on Episode 80 of “THE SITH LIST” Iraj, Carlos (Boo), Les, and Eric talk about some great stuff that came out of the Solo EW issue, as well as bringing you all the other important stuff that came out of the world of GEEKDOM!!

Your Week in Geek covered:

  • Box office
  • Ron Howard and Kathleen Kennedy come clean about the director switch
  • George Lucas visits the Solo set
  • Lobo movie in the works but we’re not very happy
  • Jessica Jones Season 2
  • Do we have a new Joker?
  • Black Panther origin and boy, oh boy are we ready to watch it 
  • Venomless Venom trailer talk
  • Black Mirror talk
  • The Walking Dead


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