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Heavy spoilers for Star Wars Rebels ahead…

Star Wars Rebels

Has Kanan joined Ahsoka in the Force? (art by Dave Filoni)

This piece isn’t my review (cable issues killed that plan), but here’s my first reaction: Last night’s Star Wars Rebels double-episode debut made good sense.

In fact, the loss of Kanan in “Jedi Night,” and the Ghost crew’s reaction in “Dume,” made a whole lot of sense in terms of the overall arc of Rebels, the films, and the Saga. But moreover, it poignantly reflected the demise (?) of Ahsoka in season two, and added depth to Obi-Wan’s statement to Maul in season three: “Look what I have risen above…”

And hell, wouldn’t everyone want to go out saving my friends and partner by using the Force to create a wall between them and a fuel depot-fostered fireball.

Germain was germane

Some folks were able to pull together pieces before entering sleep mode.

Old friend Germain Lussier was up late pulling his review/reaction to the Star Wars Rebels double dip:

Lussier wrote:

The episode handled the massive moment with emotion and class. It all started earlier in the episode as a changed Kanan gave control of the mission to Ezra, cut his hair, and had a certain finality to him. Somehow, he knew his story was about to come to an end. Unfortunately, that end was right when another huge moment in the series, Hera’s declaration of love for Kanan, finally happened. She had enough of keeping her feelings inside and let him know how she felt. That, going right into Kanan’s final sacrifice, followed by the black and white Rebels logo with falling ash and silent credits, really drove home the severity of what just happened.

Ratcliffe Reviews Star Wars Rebels

Over at Nerdist, Amy Ratcliffe — another of our usual suspects — also pulled together reaction pieces (!):

Ratcliffe wrote:

Kanan’s death had a huge impact on his family. That’s obvious. I could say so without on-screen evidence because we know they all cared for one another. But we saw every member of the crew process the news. Zeb and Sabine grieved through anger; they wanted to exact revenge upon the Empire, a life for a life. Ezra responded with fear. He lost his teacher and a father figure; he admitted to the loth-wolves he was afraid. Hera was despondent. She’d just told Kanan she loved him; she reacted with sadness and regret and guilt.

Part of Zeb and Sabine’s anger-fed revenge plan put them head-to-head with Ruhk:

Dave’s Point of View

Meanwhile, Ratcliffe was able to listen to Star Wars Rebels Executive Producer Dave Filoni following a recent Lucasfilm screening. During a Q & A, Filoni explained what many of us always surmised; each characters’ point of view determines their truth.

Ratcliffe quotes Filoni:

People take every line as this complete doctrine, and that’s absolutely not the case. To try to believe–you have to then parse that line out and start dividing it. Like what does it mean even to be a Jedi and does Yoda get to be the only person to define that. What he’s saying is, ‘You’re the only person left, Luke, trained in the art of a Jedi and being a Jedi that is around right now the way that Obi-Wan and I taught people.’ I could take it that way.

The point above being that Kanan didn’t have to die to maintain continuity (i.e. “The last of the Jedi will you be…”)

Instead, Ratcliffe wrote, ” it was about getting Kanan to a place that could help Ezra. Kanan, as the mentor, had to figure it out first.”

Amy’s excellent piece — explaining what exactly Kanan figured out — is here:

UPDATED: gets in on the action…

And while we’re at it, here’s’s episode guide:

Star Wars Explained: Review & Synopsis

This morning, Star Wars Explained on YouTubeAlex Damon — produced a canon-linked review of last night’s action:

Rebels Recon: Inside “Jedi Night” & “Dume”

Meanwhile, if you are having trouble figuring it all out, Andi Gutierrez and the “Rebels Recon” crew broke it all down on their show’s latest edition:

I am a huge fan of “Rebels Recon” and I hope we have something similar produced for any upcoming broadcast or streaming shows.

That’s it for now. I added the episode guide... JB