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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Financials – Only time will tell…

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - Feb. 16, 2018

For the first time in a while, we’re having a slow news day here in Star Wars land. Fear not, however; I’ll keep an eye out, and what I’ve collected below will keep your attention. Possible spoilers ahead…

Three sleeps until Rebels returns…

I am very ready for this two-episode mid-season premiere. You?

Good Reporters: You take the good news; you take the bad news

It’s a fact of life: Good reporters report. They’re not here to “make us happy” and although Scott Mendelson was a voice of reason throughout the whole “The Last Jedi was a flop” thing, he always used facts to back up his arguments and.

He does the same here:

However, the interesting thing is how he doesn’t perpetuate insinuations or pure opinion. He uses hard facts and a breakdown of Box Office Mojo spreadsheets to come to the final question:

So here we are, two months out, with the movie having essentially finished its global theatrical release. Even as someone who quite likes the movie and fears that the online handwringing will cause Lucasfilm to course-correct, the overall narrative won’t be told until the third film comes out. If Episode IX really stumbles, then we may have to admit that folks outside of the film nerd bubble didn’t like The Last Jedi as much as the critics. But if Episode IX stays the course or goes up (Solo is a different can of worms), then conventional wisdom about the film’s performance will be about as reliable as Black Panther’s current IMDB score.

In a world that is looking for a clickbait-ready headline, this long view is rare and admirable.

By the way, for those of you following along at home, IMDB has Black Panther standing at 7.6. The Last Jedi was a 7.5; The Force Awakens was an 8.0, and Rogue One a 7.8.

Speaking of good reporters, Steele Saunders stalked Anthony Breznican back to the writer’s own office and pulled together a fascinating interview, which gives insight into “The Brez’s” process behind writing his cover stories for Entertainment Weekly’s print and online editions.

50 minutes here:

The whole dang thing is here:

Nice work Steele. Thank you, Anthony, for letting us behind the curtain for a glimpse of your world – literally.

ICYMI: New Rockstars/Flicks in the City TLJ Deleted Scenes Breakdowns

I’m just not sure, but as I prepare for the digital/Blu-Ray debut of The Last Jedi, I am getting pretty excited for whatever extras might be in store. Two of my favorite YouTube channels have already done breakdowns. Honestly, I just can’t remember if I have already pointed either or both out, but — HEY! — on a slow news day I feel compelled to give you some lunchtime fare.

Two novel concepts from Star Wars Explained

The first is a take on what Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss might tackle in their Star Wars series of films:

The other concept, which was mentioned by Corey on the last episode of NTIP, speaks to who might be behind the Mad-Max style villain shown in trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story:

Just plain cool…

File this under the “Oh man, that is cool…” label. But Tim Gray — motion graphics designer — created an alternate opening to The Force Awakens based on original storyboards/concept art. Others have posted about it, but I discovered it myself a couple of days ago and am really impressed.

Time also produced a short called, “Star Wars Legacy,” which I find fascinating:

I may need to get Tim on the line and talk about his fan shorts. No?

TGIF. Let me know if you see anything else to add or report. JB (@jmbishopjr)


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