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The Last Jedi: Breaking Down the Bombing Run

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - Feb. 23, 2018

For me, the phrase “Behind the Scenes” remains pure magic. Growing up at a time when movies like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind each had their “the making of…” reels, I truly enjoy a look behind the curtain at the moviemaking process.

Behind the Scenes of The Last Jedi

This week, in the wake of the terrific documentary on the Academy Award-nominated sound design of The Last Jedi — “The Force of Sound” — come two short clips that give insight into the Oscar-nominated visual effects of the film.

The first takes us through the set up for the TLJ bombing run as directed by the late, great Tallie Lintra (Hermione Corfield):

Simply seeing that A-Wing on the Gimbel is awesome, never mind the effects added to it. Someday, in the vein of my Rebel Pilots series, I am very much hoping to interview Ms. Corfield about that experience.

Meanwhile, as an aside, enjoy this Instagram from the actor:

Then, ILM added another video. This time we are delivered into the massive hangar space of the Supremacy:

Using CGI

Regarding The Last Jedi’s use of CGI to enhance its practical effects, Patrick Cavanaugh over at quoted Mike Mulholland, VFX Supervisor for ILM London:

In early conversations with Rian and his producer Ram [Bergman], the question was, ‘How much can we do practically for the space battles? … To get it kind of feeling like the original trilogy. That was investigated and discussed. It was a kind of an exercise in working out who could do it practically, who’s actually got the knowledge, the know-how and the time to do it, and how much it would cost.

Cavanaugh said the facts were clear: “Johnson had to come to grips with the fact that films aren’t made the way George Lucas made them 40 years ago because of all the complications with special effects.”

Mulholland explained the eventual solution: “The quick answer is, it’s quicker and easier and more flexible to do it in CG.”

Mr. Cavanaugh has been busy, by the way. He has three more recent posts to read:

Some fun reading during your coffee break, no?

More Details on Star Wars Hotel

Jack Kendall’s Thursday update on DSNY Newscast, gave new details on Star Wars Hotel:

The clip is worth a look, not only for the updated concept art but also for photos showing pieces of the Millennium Falcon being put into the Disneyland construction site of “Galaxy’s Edge.”

Meanwhile, via many different sources, Disney shared the following photo of a Sequel Trilogy-era X-wing:

See this photo and much more in Orlando Business Journal’s coverage.

Read Disney’s press materials below:

Battlefront Easter Eggs

One more — I mean — 11 more nuggets before I post:

And, what the heck, two more…

Have a great day, everyone. #MTFBWY JB


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