Possible spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story ahead…

Another day of bouncing from here to there, from my kids’ school to work and back. So, I’ll cut to the chase with a bare bones point in the right direction for Star Wars distraction…

Solo: Coming Soon

Only 99 days to go, now. I can’t wait. Seriously…

Anthony Explains It All

I enjoy the heck out these Entertainment Weekly Star Wars articles. The best quote in the piece (from Jon Kasdan to EW.com’s Anthony Breznican):

Remember, when the Falcon enters our movie, it’s already had a long life. Decades of existence. And it’s been modified even from its original design… What we tried to do with the whole movie was take things that we take for granted and love and turn them on their ear.

Awesome. And canonical, too.

There’s a minibar?

The highlight on this one from Forbes’ Luke Thompson:

Also secret, for now, is what the ship looks like inside; you can tell from the picture above that it opens up like previous Falcon sets, but LEGO has not as yet provided an interior shot…nor revealed who two of the included minifigs will be. The one interior detail that is shown is a minibar in the back of the cockpit…

Yes, he said minibar.

Star Wars Rebels: Bring her back…

Not sure how I missed this on Wednesday. Two takeaways: Monday we get new Star Wars – Monday! And gliders… The mind is blown. That is all.

This Week’s “Star Wars Show”

Andi, Anthony and the gang with a great review/preview of the week that was and the week that is.

Holograms are real…

The engineers’ work was inspired by the Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) hologram in A New Hope. Pretty amazing.

20 Fun Facts

Thanks, Alex! Enjoy… Hoping to post again later. JB