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Video: Donald Glover tells ET’s Ash Crossan Solo: A Star Wars Story is a lot more fun than the other movies.

Ash Crossan is out there harassing Star Wars actors again for ET (“Entertainment Tonight” not to be confused with the Extra-Terrestrial). I appreciate that Ash gets to the important stuff but doesn’t let the really IMPORTANT stuff i.e. Star Wars go by the wayside.

Donald Glover, Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story discusses season 2 of Atlanta. If you haven’t watched season 1 of Atlanta do yourself a favor and watch it as it’s so good. Probably the coolest thing I learned all day is that season 2 is inspired by Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation’s narrative style. It sounds nuts but I get it. It makes total sense.

Glover is pretty upfront about Solo: A Star Wars Story as he explains we know Lando and Han Solo don’t die. So the film has more time to be fun and show how we get there than the other Star Wars offerings. Glover says Solo is just a fun summer popcorn movie.

Check out the video here:

Glover is almost channeling Lando’s coolness in this interview. I’m so jazzed he’s our new Lando. It was also pretty cool to see he had a little hand in Black Panther too. Between Glover’s music, acting, writing, and directing he’s really on fire artistically. We’re lucky to have him involved with Star Wars.

I think after The Last Jedi gave us so much weight and drive to the current storyline moving forward in the post-Solo era of the saga, it sounds pretty refreshing to just have a fun adventure in space with Han and Lando.

(via Entertainment Tonight on Youtube)

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