Video: Poppy’s mind-blowing Yoda Impression!


Pop star sensation Poppy is world renowned not only for her excellent tunes and YouTube dot com videos but her skills as an impressionist. On a recent video posted to Rhett and Link we see Poppy doing her Yoda impression. My mind was blown. I thought maybe it was Frank Oz doing the voice and then I checked to see if it was Tom Kane. It was neither. That’s actually Poppy doing the Yoda voice and it is so spot on and I can’t believe it. I hope Lucasfilm is watching for Yoda: A Star Wars Story.

Buy a copy of Poppy.Computer if you like great pop music by one of the world’s greatest Yoda impressionists. Seriously, it is a great record. I’ve been listening to it since October.

Bonus video:

Titanic Sinclair, Poppy’s director and writing partner made a video that sums up the internet in about two minutes.

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