Spoilers for Disney Parks Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge ahead…

Earlier this evening, our friend Jack Kendall at DSNY Newscast broke details about “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – First Order Battle Escape.”

Galaxy’s Edge: Details Hiding in Plain Sight

Galaxy's Edge“After doing some investigative work on the matter, going through countless images of the Star Wars Land model that was revealed last July, and combining that with the aerial construction photos Disneyland, the entrance became clear,” said Jack via YouTube, crediting Marni1971 on WDWMagic Forums. “It seems that the entrance area has been hiding in plain sight all along in the Disney-released video of the of the model last year.

“We can see more clearly the entrance arch of where guests will be separated between the FastPass queue and standard queue area,” he continued. “[We can also see] what is currently being called the ‘Resistance turret’ which will also have the signage for the attraction’s wait time.

“And we can also see in this video that the Resistance X-Wings will be scattered around the area directly opposite the attraction entrance, with all of this being just beyond the Critter Country entrance into Disneyland’s version of Galaxy’s Edge.”

Back in the Sunshine State

Meanwhile, focusing on Orlando, Kendall found new details, as well.

Galaxy's Edge“The entrance area will look slightly different in Walt Disney World,” explained Kendall. “[Specifically] Grand Avenue’s entrance tunnel will make for a different layout, as you will essentially exit the tunnel and [as guests enter] transition inside for the first part of the Pre-show Queue.

“Guests [at both parks] will exit Pre-show Queue area ‘1’ and proceed toward the blue and white modified resistance shuttle for a second pre-show area.

Star Wars Land Speculation

DSNY Newscast labeled the following as speculation, but it’s fun.

Jack said:

As we’ve seen previously last year that patents were filed… we know that once inside the shuttle, the second part of the pre-show queue will begin as you [are] intercepted and transported up to the Star Destroyer, where the adventure takes place. All of this being extremely similar to how the Haunted Mansion uses the stretching room to break up the queue and transport you to the loading area for the attraction.

And finally, regarding the final exit to the “First Order and Stormtrooper Battle Escape attraction,” codenamed “Alcatraz,” Kendall explained:

We now come to the last piece of the puzzle, and that’s the exit area for the attraction, as a crashed segment of a massive ship, can now be confirmed as the unload hall for the Battle Escape attraction. As we know that the end sequence of the ride will feature somewhat of a out-of-control decent back toward the planet Batuu.

We’re thrilled about these new details and speculation; can’t wait to hear (and see more) about Galaxy’s Edge. JB