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Behind the Scenes Details? Anonymous Sources? The Spotlight is on Solo: A Star Wars Story

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - March 26, 2017

Owing to yesterday’s tweet from Star Wars, I woke up this morning in a mood to catch up on the news regarding Solo: A Star Wars Story:

Part of my reasoning was to distance my brain from the recurring, mind-numbing backlash regarding The Last Jedi.

File that plan under #naivete.

Vulture on the Falcon

While I was out driving the kids to school, Chris Lee dropped this story over at Vulture:

Yes, we’ve seen this kind of piece before. However, this story being posted by a major publication like New York Magazine made me curious.

“Weeks away from its May 25 release and still sight unseen, it’s fair to say that Solo: A Star Wars Story already arrives as one of the more problem-plagued big-budget movies in recent memory,” began’s Chris Lee. “In June, after completing at least three-quarters of principal photography on the stand-alone prequel — which traces the early, pre–Mos Eisley adventures of Harrison Ford’s iconic space-smuggler character Han Solo — original co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired by Lucasfilm studio boss Kathleen Kennedy over “creative differences.” Days later, Ron Howard was hired to finish the film. Rumors ricocheted around Hollywood that the script was “unworkable” and that star Alden Ehrenreich was struggling to nail his impersonation of Ford, compelling some fans to preemptively revolt.”

So, Where’s the Beef?

The above is an excellent re-hash of the saga within the Saga, but here’s the meat of the story:

Vulture spoke to an actor who worked on Solo — for four months under the direction of Miller and Lord last year, and beginning in October with Howard — who provided a blow-by-blow. Although not one of the film’s marquee stars, this source was in a prime position to observe the directors’ contrasting on-set modi operandi. And according to his description, the production was divided into two distinct chapters: one disorganized and chaotic, the other controlled and efficient.

Some of the details made me say, “Yeesh…” out loud. Some of the details had been previously posted, while others were of the “so-what” variety.

So, around lunchtime, I started looking around for an industry-side take on the piece.

I found:

And then, my tweep @DavidGreen83 forwarded over:

So, what’re fans to think?

Me, I think I’ll wait to see what happens on the screen.

As has been mentioned by so many people, Rogue One was purported to be full of problems, but when I sit down to watch Star Wars, my cursor tends to find that Star Wars story more often than not – right now, Jyn and Cassian are my jam.

However, for folks bent on deriding Disney, or Kathleen Kennedy, or the Illuminati – happy birthday. Enjoy. I have the mute button all warmed up. I do not share in your hatred. I remain an unpaid admirer of Mickey Mouse and Lucasfilm.

However, as someone who occasionally pulls my Master’s Degree in Journalism out from under the bed (crying as I dust it off), I always wonder how many people are thinking about the provenance of their information – any information.

Words like “anonymous source” should come into play when reading any reporting, and even those folks using unnamed sources expect you to file that away as you think/read. For a refresher on how these things work, check out All The President’s Men or The Post.

In the meantime, if all the intrigue around the Han Solo standalone is filling your time before the film lands in May, have at it.

Awkward Segue

Case in point about the source of information – last week’s hubbub about missing blasters in some Solo: A Star Wars Story posters.

Basically, I have to let Alex Damon explain this whole kerfuffle, but his take is my take on this non-story, story:

Yeah! Well said, Alex.

Seriously folks. Chill out, read, re-read, and — again — form your own well-educated opinions.

Don’t trust anyone or anything blindly.

Fun Stuff to Read Before Seeing Solo

Following that curve, Star Wars Explained tossed up a softball for your viewing (and reading) pleasure:

I am looking forward to Last Shot, especially…

Meanwhile, Back in Hollywood

Thanks in no small part to Thandie Newton, Solo: A Star Wars Story boasts a pretty eclectic and talented lineup.

Recently, the Westworld regular spoke to Entertainment Tonight.

“I think that the clip that you see [in the trailer], even though it’s really brief, tells you a lot,” she said to ET. “You know, there she is holding what looks like a weapon, and in a state of natural empowerment. You know, both the way she looks and her attitude. I loved playing the character. Loved it.”

Newton wasn’t kidding about her regard for the character or her time on the set of Solo.

Brice Sandler quoted Newton as saying:

[I] loved the team that we started with, and then the team we went onto have with Ron Howard. I loved all the directors that we had … on the movie, and it was a privilege, and I just adored working with Woody Harrelson. I just had so much fun.

Check out the clip for a video of the interview as well.

Heading to Vandor

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t ensure you saw the following from my beloved boss Jason:

Happy Monday everyone. MTFBWY. JB


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