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Blue Harvest Episode 140: The Beverly Willbillies

Hawes and Will prepare for a trip to the big city.

  • New Forces of Destiny episodes announced.
  • Mark Hamill is voices Luke in and episode of Forces of Destiny.
  • Battlefront 2’s progression changes are set to be implemented next week.
  • Brief thoughts on the home release of The Last Jedi.

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Jonathan calls in about Jacen Syndulla.
  • King Tom calls in about the possible Kenobi movie.
  • Sam writes in about Rebels.
  • Brad H. is freaking out a bit and has questions.
  • Neal wants to know about Han Solo as a father.
  • Jake wants to know about the Grand Inquisitor.
  • Robbo has a couple of issues with the end of Rebels.
  • Darth Pizza writes in about Holdo.
  • Robert is excited about the version of The Last Jedi with the insolated score.
  • Josiah wants to know what Ashoka was up to on Malachor.
  • William wants to know how we feel about Battlefront 2 now.

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