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Breaking Down the Deleted Scenes of The Last Jedi

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - March 2, 2018

OMG, it’s full of Star Wars…

The news feeds are a-poppin’ this AM, so let’s begin. Spoilers for nearly EVERY current Star Wars property ahead…

Breznican breaks it down

Hey, in my world, a tweet from “@Breznican” pretty much signals a great day. Today’s breakdown of deleted scenes from The Last Jedi pretty much sealed the deal.

The Last Jedi still has some things left to reveal to Star Wars fans,” he wrote. “There will be 14 deleted scenes released as part of the home entertainment rollout for the film, some of them curiosities, others adding new layers to the characters and their motivations.” got a preview of what is coming, and what is happening is exciting. Anthony quotes Rian Johnson:

I love each one of the scenes individually I mean, every single one of them was not cut because it didn’t work. It was cut because the movie as a whole was better without it… So with each one of them, it’s that strange combination where it feels awful to cut it, but it feels good to cut it, because suddenly the pacing of a section of the movie feels much better, or suddenly the film is cleaner, or clearer, in many different ways.

Breznican then links up five scenes:

March 13 can’t come quick enough!

Baby Ben

Never expected to get teared up from a book excerpt, but here we are: posted a nice snippet from Last Shot. Here’s just a paragraph:

Ben’s eyes sprang open to a shining blue form dancing around him. He burst into tears. Han shook his head; couldn’t blame the kid, really—Han probably would’ve done the same thing if he’d suddenly woken to find himself enveloped in a Mon Mothma glow cloud. Which in a way he almost had, now that he thought about it. “Shh, come here, big guy.” He reached his hands under his son’s little arms and pulled him up so Ben was sobbing into Han’s chest. Han felt that tiny heartbeat pitter-pattering away as Ben snorfled and sniffed.

Hooked, right? Me too.

Holder on Han (and Lando)

The author, Daniel Jose Holder spoke to’s Dan Brooks for a Q & A:

Older gives us the gist of the novel:

This was a lot of fun. I got to play with that reckless young time when both of these guys were just gallivanting the galaxy taking themselves way too seriously and the world not seriously enough at all, and then much later, as they struggle with the rigors of adulting in a post-war, still torn-up society. So for younger Han and Lando, I let their easy swagger and adventurous spirits lead the way, and then later on it was about balancing responsibility and the heavier demands of their new found fame and family life (or lack thereof).

Just from the excerpt, readers can discern the care that Daniel put into the work. But this tweet puts him into a different category regarding the love he shows for the Saga:


Last Shot hits shelves on April 17.

Readying for Rebels

Over at, Laura Hurley pulled together a nice analysis of the latest Star Wars Rebels trailer:

Hurley writes:

I’m not sure if I’m more nervous for the characters or excited about what’s in store with the series finale! On the one hand, we do know that at least two (and possibly three) members of the extended Ghost family will survive the finale. On the other hand, the rest of the Ghost crew doesn’t appear in the original trilogy timeline that’s been established so far, and Ezra presents a problem as a living Jedi. The death of Kanan is proof that Rebels won’t hold back from killing off characters if their deaths fit the narrative (and set up A New Hope), so we shouldn’t assume that everybody will survive the finale.

I’m going to re-watch a ton of Season Four in anticipation of Monday’s finale. I’m genuinely excited to see how this all fits into the greater Star Wars universe and if there’s any hint of what’s to come…

For your viewing pleasure

My man Alex has been on fire over at Star Wars Explained on YouTube:

And then there is this gem, one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time (no, seriously):

Speaking of YouTube

Please have a look at Alex Damon’s YouTube page, and listen in when he debut an amazing talk I was able to participate in (with MSW’s Steele Saunders) on Thursday night:

And don’t just take my word for it:

Sorry for missing time, folks. Vocational responsibilities and the like. Thanks for reading… JB



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