Cantina Cast #223: Rebels Finale


Mike and Albert are back from their two-week hiatus. This week they go over the latest Star Wars news and the give their take on the series finale of Star Wars: Rebels.

Quick episode summary:

  •  Jon Favreau to write and produce a Star Wars live-action TV series
  • The Solo poster issue
  • Phasma’s “alternate” death scene
  • Rebels series finale
  • Kanan’s sacrifice
  • The implications of the worlds-between-worlds episode
  • Ezra’s character growth
  • Thrawn and Ezra’s interaction
  • Jacen Syndulla
  • Rex on Endor
  • The wrap-up
  • The timeline of events?
  • Ahsoka and Sabine
  • Will Ahsoka meet Luke?

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