Cantina Cast #225: The Last Jedi Novelization


This week Mike, Albert, and Jonesy give their take on some of the highlights in The Last Jedi novelization.

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Star Wars in Ready Player One
  • Excerpt from Thrawn: Alliances
  • Blaster removed from the Solo posters
  • Luke’s dream
  • Luke in the cosmic force
  • Kylo Ren vs. Luke Skywalker
  • “Let go”
  • Han’s funeral
  • Leia Poppins
  •  Leia and Kylo
  • Chewie and Leia
  • Rey’s Force abilities explained
  •  The Cave
  • Reylo… yes we talk about it (sort of)
  • Rey’s mercy and hope
  • Rey shuts the door on Kylo
  • Snoke’s inner thoughts
  • Empire building
  • Marc Thompson’s performance in the audiobook

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