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Star Wars on TV – Don’t Worry

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - March 10, 2018

Just looking around the interweb, I can see a whole lot of stories about Star Wars. However, for the first time in a few days, I don’t see too much new news.

That said, a closer look shows Wired, Nerdist, IGN, and SyFy Wire and, of course, Star Wars Explained gave everyone plenty to ponder.

But first, the smart folks at MIT brought admissions videos to a new level:

Fantastic stuff from a fantastic school!

MTFBWY to everyone who is receiving big news this month.

Don’t worry. Be Happy.

For those worried about Star Wars jumping to live action on the small screen, don’t.

Adam Rogers of wrote:

The best lightsaber fight in the entire Star Wars canon doesn’t happen in a movie. Hear me out, friends, hear me out. It’s in the 20th episode of the third season of the cartoon Star Wars: Rebels. Short version: the Sith-trained Darth Maul (you know the one, face like a hockey fan) confronts the Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, hiding out on Tatooine to watch over a young Luke Skywalker. After some banter, the two longtime adversaries—Maul killed Obi-Wan’s master, is a thing you probably don’t remember from the prequels—draw their swords and stare at each other for what feels like days. Maul advances, and in three strokes the duel is over.

His point?

“It’s every bit the samurai-Western kind of fight that the movies no longer do, instead of chasing ever more action-packed dopamine-squirts,” wrote Rogers.

Agreed. And I concur with the idea that live-action Star Wars television may be able to push the storytelling envelope in a way the films have not yet been able to accomplish.

Suggestions? – the UK edition – added another to the pile:

My favorite suggestion? Matt Kamen wrote:

Star Wars Underworld

Know what else Kennedy said Lucasfilm hadn’t abandoned? Star Wars: Underworld, a planned TV series written by none other than franchise creator George Lucas, and planned for a staggering 400 episodes. Reportedly, 100 scripts had already been written too – about five seasons worth, going on average American TV seasons.

Underworld bore a similar premise to 1313 – same setting, same time period – but would have had a broader focus, revealing life in the grimier sections of Coruscant and starring shadier Star Wars figures. Structurally, it could ask the question “what does it take to survive in a galaxy defined by Force users?”. If Underworld served as the basis for Favreau’s TV show, we could expect changes from the original plans to be sure, but with a wealth of scripts already on hand to be easily modified to fit current continuity, and the ability to brand the show as “from the mind of George Lucas!”, it might be too much to resist.

My thoughts on streaming service Star Wars?

I repeat yesterday’s quote the Queen of Porgs, herself:

A whole lotta Rebels going on…

There were three pretty cool inclusions on this AM’s feed.

In no particular order:

Vacation? What vacation!?

And from parts unknown, Alex Damon — a.k.a. Star Wars Explained — checks in with his Weekly Q & A, his Top Moments from Star Wars Rebels, and a review of the finale:

My favorite moment of the series?

Do you agree? Hit me up on @jmbishopjr (above). JB


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