Hasbro’s Star Wars Sail Barge is officially backed!

After weeks of anticipation and excitment, Hasbro’s Star Wars The Vintage Collection Sail Barge has been officially backed! It hit its 5,000 backer threshold a few hours ago.

Even though it’s hit the threshold, you can still back it and own one. With 4 days still left, I can see this passing the 6,000 mark. Hasbro has already stated that the Yak Face Figure (included with the Barge) alone will be one of the rarest Star Wars modern figures to date. Hasbro sent us some comparison shots of past large vehicles to give you a scale of the Barge:

If you haven’t gotten in your orders yet, be sure to do so in the next 4 days or you could miss out on what’s sure to be the rarest Star Wars Collectible in the modern Hasbro line.

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