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Mark Hamill Wants to Return as Luke Skywalker

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Paraphrasing’s own Steele Saunders, it’s the perfect opportunity to “Ignite the Green.”

Ignite the green, indeed. Mark Hamill is definitely in that mode, as @HamillHimself is in Ireland presiding over Saint Patrick’s Day festivities in Dublin and — from a certain point of view — giving hints as to his on-screen future.

Happily for all of us relegated to wearing (or imbibing) verdant hues at home, ABC’s Clayton Sandell is on the scene and gathering as much Resistance intel as possible.

Sandell is on the beat…

The luck of the Irish — if not the Force — is with Sandell and his crew, as they’ve been able to “spy on” Hamill for ABC News.

“We had a chance to spend a couple of days with Mark, his wife Marilou and his daughter Chelsea in Dublin for “Good Morning America” and “Nightline” before Mark’s appearance at the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day parade,” said Sandell to me in an exclusive via Twitter DM on Saturday morning. “They are an absolutely delightful and loving family and gave us a generous amount of their time, and of course as a lifelong fan, any chance to speak with Mark is an absolute privilege and dream.

“Over the last couple of days I’ve had fun with Mark trying to tease out any possible Luke Skywalker/ Force Ghost return to Episode IX,” he said.

But the exclusives didn’t stop in the formal the sit-down interview.

“On Saturday morning before the parade the three of them had just gotten into their car to ride to reviewing stand, I decided to have a bit more fun and ask Mark a point-blank, yes-or-no question, which of course he tried to avoid,” explained Sandell.

“If you can’t have fun making a Star Wars movie, you have serious problems,” said Hamill to Sandell, adding…

Listen, put in a good word for me. Because it’s all in JJ [Abrams] hands.”

The very positive, a-matter-of-fact response is just the proverbial pot of gold for Star Wars fans, caught in the melancholy snow drifts of late March; winter doldrums that span the space between the end of Star Wars Rebels and the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The actor’s statement — perhaps the clearest answer we’ve heard — leaves little concern about Hamill’s commitment to his character.

No confusion for Clayton

“I have no doubt he would love to come back and play Luke one more time,” added Sandell, teasing some upcoming stories. “In an interview the day before, he said if he were asked to come back, he would.

“You can check out more of our interviews with Mark and his family this coming week on ABC.”

Incredulous as to the opportunity to follow Mark Hamill and his family around Ireland, and be able to ask him if he’d want to reprise his role, I wondered to Sandell — who claims no Irish ancestry — whether it was the “luck” or “the Force” that was with him this week.

“Maybe it was the sala-thiren green milkshake,” he said.

Ewww. Look for those in a Disney Park near you in 2019. In the meantime, enjoy the brass band version of the Star Wars fanfare.

Better yet, follow the instructions of everyone’s favorite non-green Jedi Master.

And then watch Clayton Sandell’s ABC News documentary:

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone, and May the Force be with you…. JB