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Pre-Order Star Wars: The Last Jedi at Vudu and get a $3 credit back from Vudu

I’m a huge fan of the quality of Vudu’s HDR 4K playback on my Roku 4. If you pre-order Star Wars: The Last Jedi via Vudu they’re giving a $3 credit to your account. The $3 will be a credit will apply on your Vudu account for a future purchase. So if you’re big on owning digital media this is the way to go for owning the film this this week. I can honestly say that I have watched The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and the previous six films digitally more in the last three years than any physical media versions I own of those eight films, so I’m fully on the digital train for The Last Jedi. 


My exciting moment I’m going to share with you:

On a related note you can link your Vudu account to and your digital purchases will be accessible on Amazon, iTunes, and so on. So I suggest doing that because having that access to your digital library of films is pretty nice. I’m not sure if The Last Jedi will come up in 4K HDR on various platforms at this time (or ever) as I have not bought a 4K UHD film that’s available on all platforms yet. I’ll let you know when I find out. But The Last Jedi will at least be available in 1080p on all platforms, that much is a given so linking your accounts makes total sense. If you don’t own a 4K television yet, you can still buy this version of the film and watch it in 1080p HDX and future proof your purchase.

I also noticed this on the Vudu page for the The Last Jedi: 

Pre-order today and receive a featurette to watch instantly. Payment will process immediately. Pre-order film will be viewable at a later date.

Vudu is also discounting The Force Awakens digitally as well for those that preorder The Last Jedi (however that is HDX and not UHD 4K yet). So if you lost your digital code with old purchase, figured you had the disc and gave your code away and now regret it, you can pick that one up at a discounted price of $12.99. If I had one gripe about the current state of digital its that you can’t upgrade a 1080p HDX film to UHD/HDR 4K for a discounted price because if the medium worked that way, this deal would be even more attractive.

Check out The Last Jedi on 

The press release from Vudu:

Make Vudu your first stop for Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

Watch in up to 4K + Dolby Vision HDR

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is coming to digital on 3/13 and Vudu is the only place you can watch it in up to 4K + Dolby Vision HDR with Dolby Atmos sound! The Force is all around you and if you’ve got a Dolby Vision and Atmos setup so will the enhanced sights and immersive sounds of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 

This is the first Disney movie to offer both the enhanced color range of Dolby Vision and the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos, technologies that have long been a part of Vudu’s UHD quality offering.

But don’t worry if your device isn’t Dolby Vision capable because we’ve got you covered with HDR10 support as well as Dolby Digital Plus 5.1. Because we want to bring more HDR to more devices and screens, we support both HDR formats for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and over 180 additional titles.

Plus, your pre-order will also get you a $3 movie credit when the movie is released. If that isn’t enough, your pre-order also qualifies you for a special offer on Star Wars: The Force Awakens for just $12.99 HDX.

Fulfill your HDR Destiny

So why should you care that you can watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Dolby Vision and HDR10 on Vudu? Only because it’s an amazing way to watch your favorite movies.

Lightsabers will glow brighter and more intensely during battle scenes, the low-light darkness of the dark side will have more depth and look more sinister, and explosions will look amazingly detailed and realistic – you might even find yourself ducking from the flames. Heck, porgs will even look porg-ier. (Ok, that one’s not entirely true.)

Basically, watching movies with HDR brings the cinematic experiences of the big screen to your screen – and who doesn’t want that?

How HDR Works It’s Magic

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it is breakthrough video technology that dramatically improves the viewing experience through improving picture brightness, contrast, and color. Vudu offers both types of HDR technology so that you can experience the format compatible with your device.

(Simulated depiction of SDR vs HDR, via Sony)

As you can see, HDR adds a lot of detail over SDR, or Standard Dynamic Range, the color range of traditional formats. And while there’s a lot that goes into HDR technology, we’re going to give you a crash course in what makes this technology so exciting.

So, picture quality is the result of a few different things. One you know pretty well, resolution, you know: 720 HD, 1080 Full HD, 4K. But two other factors that make up the better pixels of HDR, contrast ratio, or how bright and dark your TV can get, and color accuracy, how close to real-life (or the director’s vision) the colors can get.

HDR amps up the range of both contrast and color significantly, so colors are brighter, darks are darker, and you can see more of all the colors in between – otherwise known as Wide Color Gamut.


Super scientific chart, we know, but it does help illustrate the point that HDR delivers a much broader range of colors over SDR – and how Dolby Vision HDR is capable of even more.

(Simulated depiction of Dolby Vison vs. SDR, via Dolby)


So if you think about how amazed you were when you saw the difference between 1080p HD and 4K, imagine the same thing in terms of richness and brightness of color. That’s the Dolby Vision and HDR10 difference.


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