Reminder! The Han Solo Hoth costume in Battlefront is available this weekend only!

If you’re a Star Wars: Battlefront II fan, this weekend you can unlock the Han Solo Hoth gear outfit. I did it in around an hour and some change. Basically, I had to play “Galactic Assault” 5 times, “Starfighter” 5 times, and earn around 25k “Battle Points” in the process. I also have to say if you haven’t played recently or ever, the new in game leveling system is pretty good.

The Hoth Luke and Leia weekends have already happened. So if you play Solo or don’t want to miss anymore, make sure you do the challenges this weekend so you don’t miss out. I also unlocked the Rodian officer skin while doing this challenge for the officer class so that was a nice bonus, especially since you need to play the officer class to do the online milestone where you overheat everyone’s guns and turrets.

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