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Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - March 28, 2018

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Yoda

So I woke up on the Dark Side of the bed, and my first perusal of the Internet and Twittersphere (which is where I usually live), proved to be intensifying those feeling of fear, anger, and hate.

By the time I hit the third link I was literally suffering…

However, a little bit of focus and a little bit of work provided the impetus for today’s reading. Thanks for bearing with me, but enjoy today’s lone (but densely packed) reading assignment.

Forbes Blu-ray Review: The Last Jedi

Did I think I would find the most memorable quote of the day while reading a Blu-ray review? No, I did not.

But, as we used to say on the hockey beat, “That is why they play the games…”

And the below is why I still read as much as I can:

Full disclosure: I went to USC Cinema School with Johnson, and everyone wanted to be his friend even then, including me. Allowing his personal charm to potentially win over fans who are divided about The Last Jedi–and there are plenty, despite the huge box office haul–is a smart move, and recording his commentary track before the movie’s release is even smarter, as it keeps him from addressing inconsistencies and complaints, and just focuses on his geeking out like a fanboy for that “one of us” touch.

The above are the words of Forbes writer Luke Y. Thompson, who somehow breathed new life into a review of The Last Jedi (and its accompanying parts).

To wit, he added:

The one controversy that does get aired on the Blu-ray, and it’s a credit to Lucasfilm that it does, is Mark Hamill’s dislike of Luke Skywalker’s treatment in the movie. Though he has since done right by the PR spin and said disagreements during production shouldn’t be taken as the last word, the behind-the-scenes documentary shows him very vocal about his dislike of where Luke ends up… and finally acknowledging that as a mere actor, he doesn’t “own” the character but is just “renting” it. At the same time, as much as it plays like a silly slap-in-the-face gag to have Luke toss his lightsaber away, the arrogance and PTSD are not out of character: this is a guy who grew up under fascism, was a commander in a years-long war, and towards the end of it, indiscriminately slaughtered everyone on Jabba’s sail barge and nearly killed his own father. That’s an old soldier who would be messed up in any kind of reality.

Finally, as someone who went into the film purposefully spoiled, I’ll add this snippet:

[T]he movie plays much better when it no longer depends on surprises and “spoiler-free” culture. Johnson in many ways takes the mysteries left by Abrams and tosses them away as if they were never important to begin with, but Disney and Lucasfilm’s marketing still acts like big secrets are the key. Of the last three Star Wars films, none were shown to reporters attending the press junkets, all of whom had to ask questions of cast and crew that couldn’t really be answered, because heaven forbid anybody know anything about the plot beforehand. The Last Jedi plays better when fans can examine the structure a little deeper, rather than worry about who Rey’s parents will turn out to be.

My review of the review:

The Last Jedi came out in mid-December. My experience with the film includes 11 viewings of the movie in a theater and several piecemeal viewings of the digital version. Tonight, I will return to The Last Jedi because of a late March Blu-ray review. Hell, I might even go out and buy a Blu-ray.

Bravo Mr. Thompson! Seriously, read the whole thing. JB


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