Sound Mixing at Skywalker Sound shows us a tiny glimpse of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story is about ready to be the centerpiece in the Star Wars fandom. With the film just under 2 months away, news for the film is about to ramp up. Director Ron Howard is eager to share the film, but in the mean time, he continues to share little tid bits on social media. Today, he uploaded a photo on Instagram showing some of the crew working on sound mixing for the film.

In the photo we get a new glimpse of the main star of the film, Han Solo. I wonder if he is currently driving an AT-AT in this shot? Kind of looks like it to me!

It looks like Han is on the planet Vandor, which we broke last week. I’m wondering if they are currently cutting the next trailer, and that’s why we are getting more updates from Howard. I’d expect to see a full trailer within the next 3 weeks or so. Wookie Weekend, which is the launch date for Solo merchandise on April 13th, is also approaching. So a new trailer feels very close. I look forward toward continuing to see updates from Howard on the films progression!

UPDATE: Ron Howard tweeted out a pic of an Tie Fighter in action.

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