Star Wars fans, please help fund Looking for Leia so it can become a full series!

Our friends at the Looking For Leia project are seeking to turn their documentary into a full-fledged series. To do so, some funding is needed and this is where you and I come in. They are aiming for 30% of their funding by the weekend and they need over 1000 followers to make it happen it happen on Seed and Spark. Follow them there and chip in a little scratch you got left in your pocket. Let’s help make Dr. Ophelian’s vision into a much larger reality than it was when it began. If everyone that reads this blog daily gave a buck they would make their goal, so I know we can make this happen.


On and behind the camera, we’re a diverse group of women committed to telling a story traditionally reserved for men’s narratives. We’re inspired by the creativity and passion of women in genre fandom, and committed to telling intersectional stories of gender resilience and resistance.

I think this series will be good so check out the video below and head over to make a contribution to one of the cooler Star Wars projects going on right now:

Star Wars fans are the best at coming together and making things happen when they need to. I know we can make this one happen. I hope our friends, friends with blogs and sites, and friends on social media will help spread the word too. Retweet this story, make your own tweet, share it on Facebook but most of all contribute.

I always have a lot of respect for anyone that brings something from the ether and even more when it is something that should be told. Women aren’t token in Star Wars culture and its pretty cool to help change the discourse which is incorrect, regardless of what some people might say. If you can contribute, please do!

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