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Star Wars Forces of Destiny Season 2 Debuts

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - March 20, 2018

Forces of Destiny, Star Wars

Those who read this space regularly knows I’m in it for the love of Star Wars. Period. With that in mind, I truly and truthfully enjoyed the first season of Forces of Destiny.

However — chalk this up to winter doldrums, parental duty-inspired detachment, Internet fatigue or just plain apathy — I must admit I was not expecting much out of Forces of Destiny Season 2 (if I was expecting anything at all).

In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, “I was wrong…”

There is a ton in Season 2 to love and analyze. No mere throw-aways, the shorts fill in the blanks on some of Star Wars canon. But more than that, Forces of Destiny is fun. And other people thought so, too.

That tweet perfectly captures the sentiment and proves, yet again, that my boss can really turn a phrase: Forces of Destiny writer Jennifer Muro is really rad at this!

Boushh Yields a Bounty

For me, a few moments stand out plainly from Forces of Destiny Season 2. The first deals with a certain thermal detonator-wielding bounty hunter.

Never a real burning question, it was something that I occasionally wondered about: Where did Leia get that bounty hunter gear?

Thanks to Forces of Destiny, “Bounty Hunted,” Lussier explained the answer:

It was Maz Kanata, friend of Han Solo, who suggested the disguise to Leia, and Leia overtook the bounty hunter. As a bonus, we get to see Maz interact with her “boyfriend” Chewbacca, as well as—we think—the only canon appearance of the actual Boushh, not Leia in disguise, since the Disney takeover. The bounty hunter was a regular character in the Expanded Universe.

Germain added, “There’s much more in the new season of Forces of Destiny, including stories from all the eras of Star Wars: Clone Wars, Rebels, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, The Force Awakens, The Empire Strikes Back, and, as seen above, Return of the Jedi.

And how…

Full of Surprises

With the addition of his star to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the subsequent debut of The Director and the Jedi, and his return to Ireland for the recent St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the subject of Mark Hamil maintains a hold on Star Wars fandom.

This morning, a tweet highlighting an ABC (Austrailia) clip captured the essence of why Hamill continues to fascinate:

I don’t wish to diminish his artistic prowess, but Mark is a nerd, just like all of us.

Akin to Daisy Ridley’s Rey in today’s Sequel Trilogy, in the Original Trilogy the audience is Hamill’s Luke Skywalker; we jump, Yoda-like, on his back to explore the galaxy past the horizons of home.

This sentiment explains why the below Forces of Destiny clip, featuring Luke and Yoda, maintains a stranglehold on my adult imagination.

Hamill, himself, leads us in:

I wouldn’t mind seeing another clip from Dagobah. How about you?

Um, actually, it’s about lifting porgs

A sense of humor remains key to a well-balanced life.

So, thankfully, amid the blaster fire, ambushes, and stormtrooper souffle, the porgs — once again — come to the rescue in Season 2 of Forces of Destiny.

The end of this clip had me swooning and knocked me out of the now post-winter doldrums. So, you should watch the entire eight-episode run of Forces of Destiny below…

…and then, if you can, get outside with C3PO:


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